The Ask:

Internet technologies are developing faster than their governing legislation, creating an international climate of constant legal change. As such, media conglomerates all over the world have been applying pressure on policymakers to write this change in favor and in line with their traditional business models. OpenMedia, a non-profit advocate for open and innovative communication, created the #SaveTheLink campaign to counterbalance this pressure and make a more level playing field. They needed help reaching a wider audience and inspiring people to join the movement.

The Strategy:

Using an innocuous and relatable “dad” to tell our story, we decided to remind our audience of what the world was like before hyperlinks became pervasive. Anyone who has had to go to the library to look up a fact knows dad’s plight (and thusly, the importance of this project.)

The Result:

Thousands of organic views in North America, and over a dozen translations to share the content world wide. This video helped make #SaveTheLink one of OpenMedia’s most successful campaigns.

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